We were part of helping get these amazing patient people not only medical consultations but also free medications. This Village is one of the most rural places that we have been to, they have a clinic in the Village but they don't have a Doctor, the closest hospital is 3 hours away from them and most of them don't have the luxury of having a car, some of the people in this Village eat tortillas and salt everyday, since they don't even have money for beans or rice, this Village was affected by a major Hurricane which cut off their water supply, they have to purchase water to just shower as the rivers were also dried out, and literally have to bath with a bucket of water (when they can afford it)

We are working on getting them access to water in the near future, as it is very important for everyone to have access to clean water

We were part of getting this together and helping these kids who had major holes on their classroom's roof and were able to get it replaced right before the rainy season started in 2017