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Latinos Unidos is a movement that believes that when we all come together, we can help create a better world. Latinos Unidos makes it easy for you to get involved and no you don’t have to be Latin, you just have to want to help give back—whether at home, school or work—by offering resources to help you create positive social change in your community and around the world.


We want to empower change with resources that will help create a sustainable impact. We do this through domestic programs, but mostly internationally where we go through some of the poorest Villages in Latin America. Latinos Unidos is a social enterprise, that ensures to achieve a remarkable rate of financial efficiency, with an average of 95% of donations going directly to the people in need, we are strong believers that everyone deserves an opportunity to get an education, access to clean water, food, and medicines.



We want a world where all children boys & girls can have access to education and where no child has to work to ensure their family’s survival. 

Poverty isn’t the result of a single cause. The issue is complex and rooted in a number of correlated social and economic obstacles. If you only tackle one issue, regardless of the money and resources you invest, the cycle of poverty will persist.

What we have been helping with:

Get Schools Painted
Get Classroom Leaks fixed
Provide School Uniforms
Provide School Supplies
Provide Desks


We are putting workshops together throughout the Latin America and the US through Love Unites our US division. To help empower Women & Teenagers. We want to help encourage teens to give back to their community and also to help provide them with tools and to help them with confidence and provide them with additional tools that they will need to help prepare them for the future.

For the Women’s Empowerment we educate and empower women, who are struggling either financially or with their self esteem, with providing them the proper skills and confidence to help secure a job (if its what they need) to help provide for their family, and help build their confidence and know their self worth and teach them about self love. We also have seminars throughout the US and Latin America to celebrate women.

We encourage everyone to attend regardless of your Ethnicity or Religion.


We want a world where all the people—should be able to have access to Medicines, regardless of where they live. There are many families out there that don’t have access to doctors or medicines, there are some places that don’t have a hospital or clinic near by, and if they do they usually don’t have enough medicine for everyone. Poverty isn’t the result of a single cause. The issue is complex and rooted in a number of correlated social and economic obstacles. If you only tackle one issue, regardless of the money and resources you invest, the cycle of poverty will persist. Our dream is to be able to help many families have access to medicines regardless or what country they are in.


We help out Villages that have been affected by natural disasters, Latinos Unidos Fundación is committed to providing help to those most impacted by natural disasters. Helping provide with the most essential things that the Villages are in need of and eventually come back with more help. At first we start with the basics, but we understand that each village is different and may have different needs, but with our experience the main things that are needed are: Canned goods Bottled water Powdered milk Toilet Paper Wipes Diapers Tooth brushes Toothpaste Vitamins Soap Over the counter medicines

“Our programs help strengthen the economic development of the communities by training the individuals and also by helping them with job opportunities to be able to provide for their families.”

This is our development model

Countries we are active in

People we have helped

What Donors & Volunteers

are saying…



We donated to Latinos Unidos, and we were so excited that they went the extra mile and gave us access to videos and photos of where our donations went. We are happy to help specially be part of helping kids with their education. Thank you guys!



We gave Latinos Unidos some medical supplies and were happy to see that it went directly to the people, they gave us access to see pictures and videos of the Medical Drive and see that the supplies we gave went straight to the people.



I donated some things that my kids didn’t wear anymore, Latinos Unidos made it very easy for me to get involved, and gave me access to some heartwarming videos of the people who received some of my items saying thank you to me. Will donate more things soon.



Very happy to have been a Volunteer and help Latinos Unidos with fundraising, they made sure to help guide me every step of the way. I will be happy to help them with fundraising again.



I went on a mission trip with Latinos Unidos, and was so excited to be part of a team who cares more about those in need, than others I had Volunteered for in the past, who use those trips to be on Vacation instead of it being about helping those in need.



I have been a Volunteer for Latinos Unidos a few times now, and very excited and honored to be a part of such a great foundation, and to see that they not only help those in need, but they also help others who want to be involved.


Go directly to people in need


We help bring people together and give them the tools to help change the world, a little at a time.

Special Thank you to...

One of our very generous Donor’s and her beautiful daughters who donated some of their beautiful clothes to these ladies. 

“We have partnered up with some of the Top Web Designer’s to help Selected Schools get empowered and help them with their online presence for very little to no cost.”

Schools apply now























Love Unites is our domestic division, we help many of those in need throughout the US. Find out how to be a part of our domestic movement.

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Natural Disaster basic needs:

  • Bottled water
  • Canned goods
  • Dry Foods
  • Powdered milk
  • Cooking Oil
  • Toilet Paper
  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Blankets
  • Tooth brushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Clothes
  • Vitamins
  • Over the counter medicines

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